0800taxicab.com a specialist taxi hire company in London for quick and easy ways to get a black cab.

Giving you access to any part of London for sightseeing, meetings, shopping and more you can be assured of friendly drivers and fast travel no matter where you need to be or at what time day or night.

Our drivers have many years of experience and knowledge of the roads of London that ensures you get to where you need to be quickly and safely. In fact our black cab drivers are known as 'some of the best in the world'.

With regular licensing requirements and a host of stringent rules around health and safety our drivers stick to a disciplined set of guidelines that mean you can travel in comfort and safety. Not only that but we understand that customer service is paramount so expect a friendly and professional driver that will help you if needed.

Bring our cab to your door by calling our Fingertip® service FREE on 0800 TAXICAB that's 0800 829 4222.

Don't take any chances with your ride. Next time make it a black cab.


Why should you use a Black Cab?

  1. A black cab driver spends 3 years learning 'the knowledge of the roads’ to ensure you arrive on time and in the right place.
  2. A black cab can be hailed on the street where as a minicab cannot.
  3. Black cab drivers have a full DVLA driving license AND must pass the DSA taxi driving test.
  4. Black cabs can use 'bus lanes' allowing for quicker journey.
  5. The black cab driver is a self employed professional whose livelihood depends upon maintaining the high standards enforced by the TFL, from cleanliness to safety features.
  6. The black cab itself must pass the 'condition of fitness' test and yearly safety inspection, and only specialised vehicle types may be used for this service.