It’s not about us, more about you and that is why 0800taxicab exists “for you”.

But just so you know, 0800 TAXICAB is a division of Phone Names Limited, which is a part of the Zockoll Group based in SW London. The Zockoll Group are a leading franchising and licensing company and have been trading for over 50 years.

Trusted by hundreds of people to get them to where they need to be 0800taxicab is a company that allows you to book a trusted cab 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The London black cab driver has a number of unique virtues that make them the better choice when compared to minicab drivers:

  1. A Black Cab driver must have passed the ‘Knowledge of London’ test
  2. It takes on average three years to become a licensed Black Cab driver
  3. Black Cab drivers can be hailed on the street
  4. Bus lanes can be used by Black Cab drivers, speeding up your journey time
  5. The driver must have a full DVLA, NI or EEA driving license AND pass the DSA taxi driving test, ensuring your safety

Customers now have an easy way to reach what are considered the best taxi drivers in the world using our Fingertip® service…0800 TAXICAB That’s 0800 829 4222.